for President!


Vidiot Magazine by Creem Magazine, Inc. (.PDFs) - Subtitled "The Magazine of Video Lunacy!", it's a smaller-sized magazine with larger photos - rock stars, actors, scantily-clad models, and the occasional video game screenshot


Black Sabbath M.C. Website - (Established 1974)

Funk legend Sly Stone - Living in a Van

The Incredible Movie Poop-Scene Database

YouTube - 如來神掌 - Ru lai shen zhang - Buddha's Palm (1982)

YouTube - Andre the Giant gives Sherri a Spanking

Longest Tongue

Awkward! "Fugees video director 'had six children with own daughters to preserve his own bloodline and survive Doomsday"

YouTube - Charles Bukowski Scene in 'Supervan'

Rude Illusions

YouTube - Survival Research laboratories Channel

Imagineering - "Do you remember Scar Stuff, Vampire Blood, or Evil Teeth?" This is the story behind Imagineering- the great kid make-up company."

"I reinvented myself," said Zeppelin. "Since I became Led Zeppelin, my life has improved a thousand fold."

YouTube - Hilarious Hang Gliding Puke at 2,000 Feet

Archie Comics Announces Gay Character

YouTube - How To Tie A Turban

Painting Of Chase Branch On Fire eBays For $25,200