for President!

Baby Got That Ca$h!

There's no experience quite as joyful as watching a child's eyes light up at their first delighted sighting of piles of cold, hard cash. Before you know it, they are just laying in it. Although Infants are not fully capable of monetary comprehension; Mother Nature has provided guidance. The importance of money is ingrained on our psyche on a sub-molecular level: This Is Good! "Baby Got Dat Green" has never been more appropriate. The power is the money. The power to acquire top shelf diapers, premium grade petroleum jellies, and any motherfucking rattle, squeaky toy, or "binky" that THIS child goddamn wants! 2011 babies know how to "Make It Rain." Someone once quipped, "Money is the root of all evil." Well, these kids think that it's just fine, evil or no. You don't have to be a tween to appreciate this green! You just can't deny it; New life is just fascinated by dead presidents. Screw the dolls, these new jacks want dollars! Each one of us, longs to be that baby, born with a platinum card up in it's grill. It is truly the glue that binds us all. So crack open that Gerber's Caviar and fill the bottle with the bubbly; it's time for the gold duckets and diamond encrusted diaper buckets!